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J. M. Barrie Society

Walter de la Mare anthology Come Hither

Translations by Sergey Sapozhnikov (incl. Grahame, Kipling, Chesterton, Housman, Betjeman, Eliot, Larkin, etc.)

Tolkien Society Seminar 2016 – 7 videos

Interview with Michael Devaux – Tolkien: Reflexion sur une theologie profonde

Tolkien’s Great War documentary – St Edward’s School

The Saturday Magazine, 1837: ‘Popular Legends and Fictions’ incl. Elves, Dwarfs and Goblins

J. B. Priestley, The Thirty-First of June (1961)

The Most Successful Book-Huntress in the World

The Andrew Lang Effect, RaVoN 2013

Annenskaya, Alexandra Nikitichna

British History for Brexiteers: Syllabus

Picturing the News: The Art of Victorian Graphic Journalism

Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature

English Family in Russia: 1880-1917 Photographs

Photos of Oxford in the 1880s

Oxford in the 1890s

Photographs of Old London

Photographs of London’s East End

History of Clerkenwell 

Our Migration Story

The Dissenting Academies Project

Charlie Chaplin (Wikipedia)

Bernard Sleigh’s Map of Fairyland (Library of Congress)

Wigan Pier Project